Trusting God in Profound Humility



Anticipating Christ – PRAYER


Like John the Baptist, we strive to maintain a constant spirit of anticipation of the Lord. It enables us to recognize Christ in the various ways through which He manifests Himself to us throughout the day. Prayer and silence free us from the distractions of the world and make us more attentive to His voice.


 Recognizing Christ – COMMUNITY


It is faith that leads us to recognize the presence of Christ first of all in the members of our community. We live a strong and joyful community life rooted in the celebration of the Eucharist from which we draw strength for our apostolate and a life of sacrifice. Our life together is above all a permanent spiritual attitude of readiness to share with others the best of self.

 outdoor work


 Proclaiming Christ – SERVICE


The life and ministry of John the Baptist exemplifies the self emptying nature of consecrated life: “He must increase and I must decrease.” Having recognized Christ in the voice of His Bride, the Church, we place ourselves at the disposal of the local bishop and receive our mission from him. At present we serve our brothers and sisters in the fields of healthcare, education and diocesan ministries.


An indispensable part of our consecrated life is dedication to prayer and support of priests and seminarians.

 with priest


Our Medal


Our medal is an expression of our Franciscan spirituality which we live out according to the example of John the Baptist. The letter Tau symbolizes the cross of Christ and the conversion to which we are called every day of our life.


Behind the letter Tau is a smaller cross with the flag that carries the Latin words Ecce Agnus Dei which means Behold the Lamb of God. Like John the Baptist we want to decrease and draw attention to Christ.





Franciscan Sisters of John the Baptist

1209 E. Lake Avenue

Peoria Heights, IL 61616



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